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10 Songs to Add to Your Fall Playlist

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

By Marissa Rotolo

Music has the potential to define our experiences. It is the celebration of life, both joyful and tragic. Music is what binds groups of people together who have nothing in common. It has the power to put words to feelings and experiences. With fall beginning, there are a plethora of songs that correlate with the feeling of the season and new beginnings. Let’s dive into 10 songs to add to your fall playlist.

1. Dreams- Fleetwood Mac

“Dreams” feels like the first time you come home after leaving for school. It’s driving through the hills of Ohio and seeing the leaves fall on the pavement. The dreamy tones of this song can play in the background of anything in October.

2. I Bet You Think About Me- Taylor Swift

Maybe it’s because Taylor came out with this banger last fall, but something about this song is so autumn. This song is what it feels like to be at school, midway through the semester, away from your past and dwelling on it. It’s petty lyrics have red undertones and can be listened to in the car with your friends on a Sunday coffee run debrief.

3. “Ivy”- Frank Ocean

Though this is a Frank Ocean classic, “Ivy” sounds like the last bonfire of the season. It’s sitting around a campfire with

blankets and feeling the crispness that encapsulates the air. It’s dreamlike sound is like the first time you notice that the leaves are turning colors. It’s the first sip of cider, and the first sign of cold air.

4. “Robbers”- The 1975

The 1975 has an 80’s sound that could fit right into a Stranger Things episode. Stranger Things always takes place in fall so it inevitiably gives off an autumn vibe. “Robbers” sounds like the blues that comes with the change of the seasons. Walking through campus after a long day of studying and feeling the lows that follow the change in season, while missing home or a person. This song’s sound perfectly captures those feelings.

5. ”Campus” By Vampire Weekend

This song is the epitome of Miami in the fall. The crisp air and the lightheartedness that comes with the beginning of the school year. Vampire Weekend makes nostalgia a big part of their sound. “Campus” feels like the classic red brick of Miami fixed with the fall sun.

6. “I Put A Spell on You” Annie Lenox

This "Hocus Pocus" classic is redefined by Annie Lenox. It’s classic fall roots make it the perfect song to carve pumpkins to or play in the background of dinner parties with family or friends. With two classics, Hocus Pocus and Annie Lenox, this song is the epitome of Halloween.

7. ”Astrovan” Mt. Joy

Mt. Joy’s lead singer’s voice has a rasp that makes you feel like you're sitting on a porch on a fall night. Their indie-folk

sound is reminiscent of Phoebe Bridgers or the Lumineers. Their folk roots feel like a warm sweater in the midst of the coldness. “Astrovan”is what it feels like to accept the change in season and embrace the beauty of Fall.

8. “Liz” Remi Wolf

This song must be what it feels like to be a main character, as Remi’s voice is so personal and crisp. Her effortless belting and her vintage sound feels warm. This song has the energy to be played with the volume up and the windows down.

9. “Maple Syrup” The Backseat Lovers

The Backseat Lover’s alternative rock sound could be played in the backgrounds of a diner or coffee shop. The vocal clarity is entirely reminiscent of fall. This song’s rock sound makes you feel like you’re driving down backroads and reminiscing on the past.

10. “Something In the Orange” - Zach Bryan

Fall sometimes feels like the presence of courage and sadness. Sometimes with seasons changing, we enter a new season of life. “Something in the Orange” perfectly depicts what it feels to experience change you don’t feel ready for.

It encapsulates the feeling of sorrow in closing a door that you so desperately want to keep open and sometimes, autumn can feel the same way.

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