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A Look Into Predicted Color Trends for Spring & Summer

Updated: Feb 16

By: Emma Enebak

It seems as though fashion has always followed suit of history. Just look at the most prominent trends across the decades:

Corsets were popular in the early 1900’s at a time when women were literally and figuratively “caged;” both by the nature of patriarchy and the uncomfortably restricting design of the corset.

The flirty and rebellious style of Flapper ensembles emerged in the ‘20’s, a decade when society itself was wildly rebelling the short-lived Prohibition.

Mini skirts followed the wave of feminist activism in the ‘60’s and stood as a symbol for women’s rights and freedoms.

And most recently, as we all know, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has rendered the fashion world cozy. Monochromatic sweatsuits and oversized loungewear have crowded the windows of boutiques and brand-name stores alike. People don't need to dress up these days because they have nothing to dress up for.

But things are looking up.

With an effective vaccine currently making its way through the population, people have found a sense of hope that had seemed all but lost just a few months ago.

That’s why the color trends for spring and summer are reflecting the hope of a nation, and the belief that things will always get better, even when it truly feels like they won’t. The colors of this upcoming warm season scream one word:

Here is a sneak preview on how to color your wardrobe with optimism this spring and summer.

Lavenders & light purples!

How can this color not make you smile? It is soft, yet exciting and seems to radiate joy. Make it monochromatic for an even brighter and more on-trend look!

Hot Pink. That’s all.

Major blast from the past. Seeing this color on the runway almost makes me feel like I can hear the Lizzie McGuire theme song in the back of my head. I’m more than happy to borrow this aesthetic from the 2000’s for the summer and color the fashion world a little brighter.

Fortuna Gold

According to WWD, this fortuna gold color reflects “the chance happenings and happy coincidences found in life’s moments.” It seems life has been stripped of these moments since the outbreak of the pandemic, and this rich yellow color is welcoming these joyful coincidences back. (Ilci, BBD)


Coral is the perfect spring color. It is reminiscent of budding nature and fresh starts, and is said to evoke the feeling of comfort. (Ilchi, BBD) Find a few coral staples to become statement pieces in any outfit this season.

The return of 2000s graphic patterns

If it’s bold, cheesy, flirty and fun, maybe even a little childish-- it's probably going to be in this season. The funky, graphic patterns that kickstarted in the 70s and had a short-lived reboot in the 2000s are finally back. And wow, do they make me smile. There are no two color combos too wild to blend into these ensembles and it gives the fashion world creative license to get a little outside the box. Wear these patterns proud this spring.

Mixing statement colors

Time to get creative. Outfits no longer need to stick to one strict color scheme.

Yes, you can wear that purple top you’re so excited about with your favorite mint green skirt.

There are no rules. As long as its bright, fun and optimistic, you will be right on the mark

this summer.

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