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A Mother’s Day Flower Guide

By Elle Wentworth

As an important day is upon us, let’s take a moment to celebrate and recognize our moms. Whether your mom was the woman who stood by your side all of your life as a supporter, a guide, a leader, a shoulder to cry on, a companion, a place for advice and comfort, and likely so much more – it’s time to show our gratitude for that. And what better way than gifting her flowers?

As a flower lover myself, I have curated a list of bouquet ideas that could possibly be the right pick for your mom this Mother’s Day!

Starting off strong with Tulips. This flower is an absolutely stunning, simple, spring-blooming flower that is guaranteed to make your mom smile. I suggest displaying the bouquet in a cylinder vase, keeping the stem long and making sure to not overcrowd it.

Another strong choice for your mom’s special day are Lilies, which are typically another favorite around this time of year.

One of my personal favorites is Hydrangeas. These flowers remind me so much of the East Coast, which reminds me of my sweet mom, so that might be why I appreciate them so much! There are numerous ways to add a uniqueness to the bouquet by adding fillers such as green stems, babies breath or even adding things to the vase underneath the flowers such as fruits.

Lastly, I would recommend a bouquet of numerous flowers with bright fun colors. For example, this beautiful bouquet by Fresh Sends. They do such a nice job pairing bright colors with unique bulbs and fillers such as myrtle, snapdragon, stock, ferns, bells or ireland.

Fresh Sends is a company that was recently introduced to me over the last year that I absolutely adore. They allow you to choose from one of their numerous bouquet options and send it to anyone, delivered straight to their front door in the most beautiful packaging. You also get to choose from one of their adorable card options to personalize a note for the receiver!

I hope this list helps to put a smile on your mom’s face this Mother’s Day!

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