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A Plastic World

Updated: Feb 15, 2023


Although it’s always been relevant, the problem of plastic has recently resurfaced, and rightfully so. As college students, it can be hard to care about a problem that seems so far away, so I found a few quick facts about the problem, and also some trendy lines that carry plastic-free items to help make the solution seem more possible.

Quick Facts:

  • At this rate of plastic use, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050

  • Research suggests a plastic garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean equals twice the size of Texas

  • 40% of all plastic is used once before being discarded

  • More than nine billion metric tons of plastic has been produced since 1950, the weight equivalent of 27,000 Empire State Buildings or more than a billion elephants

  • 73% of beach pollution is made up of plastic

  • Around the world, about 2 million plastic bags are used every minute

  • Plastic is killing more than 1.1 million seabirds and animals every year

Helping to fix this problem is a lot easier than it seems if we get involved in small ways every day like using a metal straw (or no straw), steel utensils, reusable water bottles, reusable grocery bags, and more. It might seem like a hassle to carry around a metal straw and/or utensil but  I’ve gathered up a few brands that sell these options (and they’re cute too)!

Package Free Shop  – a company that thrives off reducing waste and finding alternatives to single-use plastic. Find fun straws, cute bags, and more here!

Life Without Plastic  – this brand aims to raise awareness on the health and environmental problems posed by plastic use. They have anything from zero-waste living to bath and body AND they offer fun deluxe kits to get you started.

Keep Cup – For all the coffee and tea lovers out there, this is a fun alternative to Starbucks and other throw-away cups. Keep Cup has multiple collections of cups and even the option to design your own.

4Ocean – This company isn’t so much about eating/drinking habits, but instead lets you wear your support right on your wrist. 4Ocean has designed a collection of cute bracelets all made from recycled materials and what’s even better is when you buy one, you remove 1 pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines. More-so, some of their bracelets also go to other causes like helping polar bears and sea turtles and you know you want to do that.

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