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BeReal: The Epitome of Casual Social Media

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

By Megan Nabozny

Fer Cortés / Pinterest

Most people have been pulling back on the filters and photoshoots and taking part in the trend of casual Instagram. Coffee cups, walks with friends and appealing bed-side tables have taken over the Instagram feeds of celebrities, influencers and everyday users alike. But now, Instagram may have some competition in the casual social media game.

Introducing BeReal, the social media app where you can share snippets of your day with friends. BeReal sends you and your friends a notification at a different time each day to take a picture of what you’re doing at that moment. The app only gives you two minutes to take the picture and the photo includes what your back and front camera capture, displaying the most authentic version of a moment.

Everyone loves to see the most genuine side of people, and BeReal gives an honest look inside the lives of your social circle. The spontaneity of snapping the authentic moment-in-time creates anticipation for your next post.

A hot take on casual social media is that it is just as staged as normal social media. Many want to capture a certain aesthetic with their laid-back, in-the-moment photos, but most of the time that’s not how it is in reality.

I’m all for making social media casual and I think it makes social media more sincere and whole-hearted. However you choose to participate in casual social media, BeReal is a great way to start.

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