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Black Owned Beauty Brands to Try this February

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

By Sydney Nelson

Happy February! This unbearable cold winter season calls for some much-needed skin rejuvenation. Winter is my favorite time to try out new products. I will do anything to bring some life and warmth back to my face, while I’m sure many of you feel the same. What better way then to try out some black owned beauty products in honor of Black History Month?

To kick off this season, make it your mission to try out these awesome top-rated products.

This was one of the first brands I stumbled upon on Instagram. It has everything from lip products, eye shadows, foundation, highlighter and concealer. The best part is that all of their product names coincide perfectly with the bakery brand theme: Do It For the Graham Palette, Gingersnap Matte Lip Whip, and Creme de La Crumb Sugar Sticks (just to name a few). Their packaging nails the bakery theme as well, my personal favorite being the Blending Egg Beauty Sponges.

@beautybakeriemakeup on Instagram

These products are all the rave. Uoma Beauty is very affordable, and the products would make a great addition to your makeup regime. Sleek packaging is trending, and it definitely fits the bill. I’m dying to try their double take sculpt and strobe sticks!

@uomabeauty on Instagram

Superfood self-care. What more could you want? They have everything from face masks to smoothie boosters. Its products are so Instagrammable, with its simple pastel packaging and desirable product names such as Skin Hydration Ade, Debloat Ade, and Destress Ade.

@golde on Instagram

Shockingly, this brand was founded by two sisters, Mabel and Shaira Frias, on Shark Tank and has really taken off! Glossier is doing a grant initiative for a ton of black owned beauty brands and Luna Magic happens to be one of them. Check out their Instagram highlight reels to learn more about what other brands they are partnering with.

@lunamagicbeauty on Instagram

Juvia’s Place is known for their bold and vibrant eyeshadow palettes, influenced by the liveliness of Africa. They are coming out with a skincare line soon and in the meantime I am definitely planning on purchasing their Vanessa Palette.

@juviasplace on Instagram

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