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Clean Girl Aesthetic: What Does It Mean?

By Chloe Emberton

While shopping, scrolling through social media or talking to a friend, the term “clean girl aesthetic” has become seemingly inescapable. The phrase, originally coined in 2022, has evolved into a trademark of style. It can be found in the captions of Instagram and TikTok posts, or even in the form of a hashtag on Twitter. There is meaning behind the trendy term but also much discrepancy behind what exactly this term encompasses.

The phrase “clean girl aesthetic” refers to the idea of appearing put-together while simultaneously being effortless. Women who possess such an aesthetic have minimalist and dewy makeup, typically paired with dainty jewelry and sleek hair. Outfits may range from a basic tee and jeans to a practical one-piece ensemble.

However, this trendy new style has not come without backlash. Some argue that the aesthetic is unattainable in nature as it may require high-end makeup products to achieve the minimalist makeup look and a capsule-like wardrobe that can become costly. Additionally, it is argued that the aesthetic is problematic because it has been marketed towards a particular body type and the signature sleek back bun has been stereotypically shown to suit long, silky hair.

It is unclear who created clean girl aesthetic or where it began, though it has been popularized by celebrities and teenage girls alike. As a matter of fact, the aesthetic can be frequently found on Miami University’s campus as light denim, one-piece workout wear and baby tees have been popular this fall. Whether you choose to subscribe to this latest trend, it remains popular on and offline!

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