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Emma Chamberlain X "Call Her Daddy"- Leaving the Teenage Brand Behind

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

By Megan Nabozny

Chrysa / Pinterest

Internet influencer Emma Chamberlain holds a special place in the hearts of young girls. After going viral at the age of 16, she became the “It Girl” of social media. Her brand embodies the playfulness and authenticity of adolescence. Now, we are beginning to see Chamberlain in a new light as she sits down with “Call Her Daddy”host Alex Cooper for a rare public interview.

After a month-long hiatus from YouTube, this collab was a shock to fans. Yet, it’s the perfect way for Chamberlain to break away from her teenage image. Since the CHD podcast is controversial for its raunchy sex tips and relationship advice, it was unclear what to expect from this unlikely pair.

In the two-part episode, Chamberlain dives deep into her life beyond YouTube. She explains her upbringing, first steps with YouTube and how her quick rise to fame affected her identity.

“What things will give me purpose outside of this?” asked Chamberlain, “I’m 20 and now I have to find a whole new purpose…I need something bigger and deeper for myself that might not have anything to do with the internet.”

For the first time, Chamberlain publicly discusses her romantic relationships. In past relationships, she often felt invalidated regarding her sexuality and femininity. Her current relationship (rumored to be singer Role Model) is described as a total 180 from these past partners.

It’s assumed by fans that Chamberlain is bringing her YouTube career to a close. The change in her vlog style, long breaks between posting and the CHD interview give reasons to believe that it’s the end of an era for Chamberlain.

As a longtime fan of Chamberlain, I can’t wait to see her next steps. I believe she deserves this break to discover who she is outside of the public eye and where she can take her career from here.

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