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Halloween On a College Budget With a College Schedule

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

By Carolyne Croy

Halloween has all the requirements of a college student’s favorite holiday: parties, photo ops and of course, costumes. With Halloween falling on a Thursday this year, students had an entire weekend to celebrate the holiday, but how unfortunate that Halloween falls at the same time as midterm exams.

Midterms left my friends and I with no time to shop, and our college budgets left us with little money to spend on costumes. We’ve outgrown the days where we can wear costumes made by our mothers, or in my case, costumes my mom bought me from Party City.

But even though our wallets were empty and our schedules were full, my friends dug to the backs of their closets (and the closets of our friends) to create amazing one of a kind costumes.

#1 Disco Barbie


My friend Katherine didn’t buy a single item for her costume this year, in part because she didn’t know what she was dressing up as until three hours before we left. She borrowed a friend’s bright flared pants from a themed sorority party earlier in the semester, and paired it with a sparkly tube top, but the real focal point of her outfit was the (literal) star-studded eye makeup she wore.

#2 Dark-Angel


My roomate Lindsay might’ve had the most last-minute costume of all. She wore a black bodysuit she’d gotten in the mail that same day, an old pair of black skinny jeans, and borrowed a halo from my costume last year. Lindsay described her outfit “the most basic of all,” but basic or not, she pulled it off.

#3 Groovy Hippie


My friend Sophia went for a classic college Halloween costume. She wore a pair of her flare jeans, a cropped tie-dye shirt and a flower crown.

So even though a week full of midterm exams and being on a college budget might not make finding a Halloween costume any easier, borrowing items from friends or re-using old costumes to create something new can still have great results.

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