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How to Translate the “Coastal Grandmother" Aesthetic Into Your Fall Wardrobe

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

By Marissa Rotolo

LEX NICOLETAN / @lex_nicoletan on

With summer winding down, styles are starting to change. One of the most defining trends of summer was the “coastal grandmother” aesthetic. Inspired by the East Coast with notes of hydrangea and nautical nods, the aesthetic is marked by casual, yet elevated pieces. Its hint of luxury and minimalist fabrics have been staples for summer. If you loved this trend, fear not! You can still rock this look in the new autumn season. Let’s dive into how to bring this aesthetic into fall.


"Coastal grandma" is defined by cable knit sweaters, linens, and a luxury vintage feel. Luckily, fall weather tends to fluctuate between brisk mornings and heated afternoons. Instead of the classic linen shorts, opt for a pair of mom jeans or linen pants.

Midi Skirts

Instead of wearing summer sun dresses, try a midi skirt paired with a sweater or sweatshirt and your go-to sneakers. To accessorize, add gold or silver jewelry and a canvas tote bag. To elevate the look, go for a silk skirt and a pair of heels. Two tone accessorizing is another great way to upgrade any look and create cohesion between pieces.


Wearing cozy knit sweaters paired with an oxford top is the epitome of a coastal grandmother. Picture this: you’re in Rhode Island watering your hydrangeas with your collared button up, and knit sweater. When the day heats up you tie your sweater around your neck and go inside for some coffee.

“Coastal Grandmother” is about embracing the romantic aspects of your style without exposing your body. Feeling clean and confident are solid ways to start. Whether your thing is cable knit sweaters or linen pants, get ready to keep embracing this coastal aesthetic into the fall.

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