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Remembering the Eclipse and the Fashion Inspired

By Maya Svec

April 8 marked a day many will never forget, as people nationwide watched the moon pass between the earth and the sun. The cosmic event left parts of the nation dark for nearly four minutes. With this iconic day in mind, now a month later, let’s talk about some eclipse-inspired fashion that has hit the runway this season.

The solar eclipse has proved to be a fashion opportunity for many celebrities and fashion brands. The eclipse welcomed a range of colors, from dark metallics to warm hues. Designers have taken inspiration from the mix of light and shadow during an eclipse, incorporating bold contrasts and silhouettes into their collections. Metallic fabrics reminiscent of the moon’s surface, as well as celestial prints featuring stars and galaxies, have become popular choices.

Designers like Maison Schiaparelli have been inspired by eclipse events since 2022. In his spring/summer collection that year, Schiaparelli unleashed looks modeled after the sun.

Other acclaimed designers like Christian Dior went after a moon-inspired look, with bright whites and silver sparkles being at the center of attention.

Celebrities also dressed up to catch a glimpse of this rare astronomical event. Outfits need more than just a plastic pair of eclipse glasses. Model Kaia Gerber understood the assignment with her ‘90s inspired look to watch the eclipse. 

Gerber stepped into a cropped gray long sleeve shirt, paired with a dark gray low-rise maxi skirt. She topped off her outfit with a pair of silver sling-back kitten heels, and of course, the cherry on top was her vibrant blue eclipse glasses. Together, these carefully curated pieces created a timeless and cosmic ensemble, perfect for witnessing an iconic event. 

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