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Interior Decor: Making Your College Space Feel Like Home

By Shea Smith

Whether you live in a dorm or off-campus housing, you probably do not have a ton of square footage to play with. Your bedroom is more than a place to rest your head; it is a makeshift office, gym, or, at times, a dining room. This means it is important that you make your space your happy place. College is stressful, and after a long day of classes, unwinding in a homey environment is a reward we all deserve. 

Investing in your room is like investing in yourself. There are ways to personalize your space to make it feel like home. Pick an aesthetic that makes your heart smile. Mix in your favorite colors with touches of white to brighten up your space. 

One thing that is huge for me is lighting. Take advantage of the natural light in your room. Natural light is proven to boost your mood and make you an overall happier person. If you have windows in your room, design your room around them. Utilize that daytime light by placing your bed near or across from your window. If your room is lacking in the lighting department, Amazon sells Happy Lights, an alternative to natural light. 

You do not have to spend a thousand dollars to flip your room. It is the little touches that make all the difference. One of those is wallpaper. It is a subtle detail, but wallpaper can completely transform your space. I suggest stick-and-peel rolls, which can be found at places such as Target, Home Depot, or Wayfair, for a great price. 

Another suggestion for revamping your space is heading to a flea market. Flea markets are hidden gems; they are an excellent spot for finding one-of-a-kind furniture to give your room some character. Plus, it gives you a chance to practice your bargaining skills. Remember that you can paint any item you find to match your vibe!

Lastly, the finishing touches. Incorporating pictures of your friends and family is the cherry on top for making your space feel as homey as possible. Make collages or purchase some cute picture frames to store your photos. 

It is easy to feel homesick and long for the comforts of home while you are away at school, but when you love your room at college, it can feel like home. 

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