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Let's Talk About Thrifting

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

By Ayden Wacker


The beauty of being a college student is that there aren’t any unwritten boundaries within self-expression. We can become more independent and self reliant rather than desperately trying to find a clique to stay with like we did in grade school. One good way to help this transition, discover your independence and develop your individual identity is to develop your style. And while shopping at the mall seems appealing, it isn’t exactly easy on a college student’s budget, nor does it help the environment, which is why it would be much more beneficial to incorporate thrifting into your shopping habits. It bring life back to clothes without a home for a small price and a big thrill.

A College Budget: As college students, we are all either in debt or have a very little source of income, which only leaves room for a limited amount of shopping. According to an article in The Krazy Coupon Lady, “You should never be paying more than 20% of the original retail price of the item.” For 20% of the price, you can get that same finely knitted sweater at your local thrift shop. Now yes it might be more of a pain to look for, but that's what makes finding it that much more satisfactory.

A Healthier Environment: The effects of thrifting on the environment can be put as simple as it forces you to reuse clothes rather than purchasing new ones, thus contributing to a more sustainable society. But to go deeper, Thrifting actually keeps clothes out of landfills and “reduces carbon and chemical pollution caused by clothing production” according to Topic Insights. Most thrift stores also contribute and work with charities that help environmental causes.

Self Development: The act of thrifting forces you to create your own outfits and develop your own personal style. Putting in the work and finding unique pieces in various areas that can be put together to create a perfect blend helps with identity development unknowingly. What we wear is actually one of the most obvious ways of expressing ourselves and developing our sense of identity, and with thrifting we can create our own outfits and style much more efficiently.

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