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Lizzo Is Transforming The World of Shapewear: Introducing Yitty

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

By Ava Shaffer

The latest news in the shapewear business is “Good As Hell”. Lizzo, a hip-hop singer, rapper, and songwriter, has announced the release of her very own shapewear collection Yitty, titled after her childhood nickname.

Courtesy of Yitty

Lizzo partnered up with Fabletics, a fashionable activewear company created by fellow celebrity Kate Hudson, to promote her new line of stylish, versatile, comfortable shapewear.

Often criticized for her weight online, it is no surprise that Lizzo has a dedication to providing an inclusive size range for her new brand. Yitty offers sizes XXS to 6X, beating out Kim Kardashian’s competitor shapewear brand Skims, which only carries up to size 5x.

As she stated in an interview with The New York Times, Lizzo didn’t even want to call Yitty shapewear, she wanted to call it bodyware. She explains that throughout her career in the music business, she has been forced to wear a lot of uncomfortable undergarments to “shape” her body into something different than what it was. That is what inspired her to create a collection that makes women feel comfortable and confident while highlighting that they do not need to “shape” or change their bodies into a different size.

She says Yitty is “something personal to me, something for the baby version of me.” She continues, “I have been parallel with the body positive movement for a long time, and people have made my name synonymous with it, and I’m always like, body positivity belonged to the people who truly created it, the Black, brown, queer big women, my girls in the 16 plus.”


Yitty’s first debut consists of three collections: “Nearly Naked,” “Mesh Me'' and “Major Label.” “Nearly Naked” is a range of lightweight and seamless shapewear pieces, meant to keep you comfortable and confident under dresses, skirts, and other tighter pieces. “Mesh Me” is a series of breathable mesh shapewear that can be worn as under and outerwear. Finally, “Major Label” includes comfortable yet stylish everyday pieces that can be worn on their own or with our pieces.


Shop Lizzo’s shapewear collection on April 12th, 2022!

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