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Lucky Girl Syndrome

By Emily Bame

Photography by Megan Cantwell, Styling by @ajh777

If you have been on any social media platforms recently, chances are you have heard of Lucky Girl Syndrome. But what actually is it?

Lucky Girl Syndrome is increasing your chances of positive things happening to you by simply believing you’re lucky.

It is no surprise that this idea of manifesting your own success has captivated over 300 million TikTok users. Thousands of people, primarily women, have shared their own stories about how Lucky Girl Syndrome drastically changed their outlook on life.

Many TikTok trends tend to be based on false pretenses but Lucky Girl Syndrome has actually defended its validity.

At its core, Lucky Girl Syndrome is rooted in psychology. The law of assumption, which LGS is based upon, is a theory that states what we think to be true is what we will eventually manifest. It believes that the universe is always acting in your favor.

Additionally, cognitive behavioral theory is another supporter of LGS. Cognitive behavioral theory states that your thoughts, emotions and behaviors are all intertwined. Therefore, CBT teaches that negative thinking is learned. Associating a positive mindset into your daily actions and feelings is the first step in becoming a lucky girl. As your outlook and perception on life changes, so does your behavior.

Research also has shown that introducing positive self affirmations or mantras into your daily routine boosts your mental health. Here are just a few examples:

Everything is always working out for me

I believe in myself and my abilities

I have everything within me to create the life I desire

Ultimately, Lucky Girl Syndrome does not instantly make your life perfect, but it is a way to start believing in yourself to enhance your life and mindset. These daily affirmations can go a long way in improving your confidence and mental health.

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