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Moon Co-Op: The Cutest Local Grocery

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

By Sydney Nelson

Craving healthy and non processed food? Sick of your daily Fridge and Pantry intake? Oxford has a hidden gem that many students do not know about: Moon Co-Op. It is by far the cutest little grocery store in town, filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, local honey, original homemade soups, and a custom deli.


This is the perfect place to go on a spontaneous grocery trip because you will stumble upon so many random organic products that you never even knew of. My personal favorite item to stumble upon was Edamame Spaghetti. I had never heard of such a food, but I thought why not try it because it is a combination of my two favorite foods, Edamame and Spaghetti. I also highly recommend the Pink Himalayan Sea Salt crackers (delicious), and especially paired with Brie cheese.

Not only do they have produce and non-perishable items for sale, but they also have an AMAZING deli where you can custom order smoothies and sandwiches. They offer a wide variety of ingredients that you check off on a little slip of paper to give to the cook so you can customize your sandwich as much as you would like. My personal favorite combination is: ham, bacon, spinach, avocado, provolone, and carrots on a toasted spinach wrap. If you decide to check out this cute grocery store and you realize you’re not as hungry as you thought, opt for a smoothie because they are also delicious. This weekend take it upon yourself to escape the greasy, processed foods that are so prevalent on our college campuses and instead visit Moon Co-Op.


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