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Out of The Box: Get to Know Rising Indie Artist GRAE

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

How she found her rhythm and shared her true, authentic self in new album "Whiplash"

By Natalie Luci


The effortlessly talented up and coming artist GRAE always knew she wanted to pursue music, but the fact that she now has millions of streams on several of her songs is still something she says is “so surreal.”

GRAE grew up singing in talent shows and writing her own songs. She dropped out of high school, moved to Australia with her sister for a while and began playing small gigs. When she started making money and gaining success, she realized that this long-held dream for a singing career wasn’t so far out of reach.

GRAE’s inspiration for her songs are rooted in the 70s rock and 80s new wave music her dad listened to when she was younger.

Not only did his music influence her, but her dad also served as her biggest role model. GRAE said he was the one that supported her, funded the guitar and music lessons and motivated her to pursue this passion.


When she started out in her music career, she didn’t know what she wanted her sound to be. When she finally came out with “Permanent Maniac,” GRAE said she was finally on the road to self-discovery and that the song encapsulated who she believed GRAE was meant to be.

“I am where younger me would want future me to be.”

GRAE’s newest release “Whiplash” wasn’t supposed to be an album at all, but the songs seemed to just weave and flow together, which is why she decided to release them all under the same entity. GRAE was experiencing writer’s block for months beforehand, struggling to write absolutely anything. Her manager told her: “GRAE, it has to come from you.” This ignited something within her and she went on to write the entire album after that.

GRAE talked about how all of her music is written from her own emotions and experiences with love. She added that some of the relationships she wrote about in “Whiplash” she’s actually already moved on from.

“It’s funny. You think you’re going to be with people forever and you write them love songs and your album is being released and you’ve been broken up for a year,” GRAE joked.

Despite her writer’s block, relationship struggles and COVID’s depressive era, GRAE was able to shine through and make the best out of it all.

“It’s an album I’m really proud of because for once it’s just me,” GRAE said.

When asked about her future, GRAE added that she hopes to still be true to herself, making music full-time, touring and doing what she loves forever. She said she is so grateful for all the support that she continues to receive and hopes that her voice can be heard by the masses.


GRAE’s Lightening Lowdown:

Go-to music service?

A: Spotify (But Apple Music does show her a lot of love)

TV or Movies?


Dream vacation?

A: Australia or backpacking through Europe

Favorite store?

A: Aritzia and Doc Martens

All time favorite song?

A: “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure

Next possible hair color?

A: Platinum blonde

Purse or tote bag?

A: Tote bag (and you can buy one of hers here)


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Ava Shaffer
Ava Shaffer
Apr 21, 2022

GRAE's tote bag is so cute!

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