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Personalizing Your Christmas Tree This Year

By Kaitlin McDowell

The upcoming winter season is a great time to reflect on favorite memories from the past year with the ones you love. School is winding down, and everyone comes together to spend time with those they love around their Christmas tree.

Whether you decorate your tree with tinsel and classic white lights, or multicolored lights and a wide array of different ornaments, the way someone decorates their tree holds special meaning to them.

Some decorate their tree with ornaments from their childhood, such as princesses or superheroes or some might decorate with ornaments that marked special milestones in their family members' lives

All of these different decorations serve as a reminder of special moments or years of our lives. As the 2023 year wraps up, it is important to add some touches to the tree that reflect this year as well and what better way to do that than with some of the most popular trends this year.

I have come up with a list of ways to add some personal touches to yours or your family’s christmas tree this holiday season.


Mirrorballs are timeless, but we saw a particular resurgence of them for a multitude of reasons this year. Singer Taylor Swift has a song titled “Mirrorball,” and many fans included these in their concert outfits or produced artwork with mirror balls as a reference to the popular Folklore song. Adding these to your tree can serve as a reminder of what a whirlwind this year has been for Taylor Swift fans. Also, imagine how cute they will look reflecting light from the string lights on a tree. Even for those who aren’t particularly big fans of Taylor Swift, mirrorballs can spruce up any christmas tree, as they light up an entire room with their reflecting mirrors.


This year, ribbons have been everywhere: in girls’ hair, on Ugg boots, purses and even sweaters. So why stop the ribbon frenzy here? Tying several ribbons around the branches of one's tree, or even on the top in place of a classic star or angel is a great way to honor this cute trend from this year. For a more classic look, ribbon could be wrapped around the entirety of the tree as well.


Matching sets have been all the rage this year, whether they are sweat suits or workout sets, everyone loves to match. Carry this out onto your Christmas tree by making it monochrome. Choose one color and stick with that for decorations. The ornaments can be all different shades of one color, or all the same color with a different shade of lights. However one chooses to execute this idea, it will give your tree a classy, put together look, just like the matching sets we’ve been wearing all year.


In July, Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie swept the nation and left everyone with a need for all things pink. Of course Barbie’s tree would be decked out in pink and glitter, so this is a perfect way to honor the film that brought all of us back to our childhoods. Even a few pink ball ornaments can add a festive touch to one’s tree.

However you decide to decorate your tree, let it be a time to reflect on all the great things that came with this year and how much one can look forward to in 2024!

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