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Reclaim: Behind UP Magazine’s 2021 FW Issue

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

By Natalie Luci

Chloe Masys / UP Magazine

With the release of the Fall/Winter 2021 issue, UP Magazine is celebrating natural beauty, defying conventional standards and taking back what has been stripped from all of us. We were able to talk with Grace Callahan, the Editor-in-chief, and Annie David, the Creative Director, to get an inside look at the process of developing the theme, how they personally relate to it, the challenges they faced and other details about the exciting release.

In our interview, Callahan shared that their goal for this issue is to empower their audience to reclaim whatever it is they feel stuck in and empower them to change their ways of thinking. David added that they wanted to push the boundaries with the photography, styling and makeup. David revealed that one photoshoot that really inspired her was Harry Styles on the cover of Vogue wearing a dress, which she said pushed her to play with the idea of fluidity, a piece that features a male and female model wearing the same outfit.

“Through bold, intentional styling, captivating photography and boundary-pushing articles, Reclaim, itself, truly embodies the idea that we can – and should – be in constant evolution, reclaiming and redefining our stories along the way.” - Grace Callahan

Both Callahan and David had pieces of the new issue that they could not wait to share with everyone. Callahan detailed she was most excited for the article entitled “Inked,” which covers how tattoos have a stigma in the fashion and modeling industry and how this limits these artists of self-expression and individuality. David loved the editorial called “Juvenescence”, which connected with the idea of reclaiming your childhood and the creativity and curiosity we had in our youth.

“You’re never going to face a dead end in your life. You can always turn around and reclaim whatever it is, whether that be your body, your style, your fashion, your beliefs, your values… It’s never too late to get outside of your comfort zone.”- Annie David

Since Callahan and David are seniors this year, they personally relate to the theme of Reclaim and are inspired to take back their school year and the college experience they feel they missed over the past year and a half. Overall, both are so excited to see the issue in person and witness everyone’s work come to life. They can’t wait for the amazing and rewarding feeling to see people holding their final work in their hands.

Pick up an issue this week Monday (11/15) - Thursday (11/18) in the Armstrong Student Center from 9 AM -4 PM, Farmer School of Business from 10 AM - 3 PM, or uptown at Fridge and Pantry on Wednesday (11/17) from 5-8 PM.

Pictured (from left to right): Olivia Owens, Grace Callahan & Annie David

Amanda Schweder / UP Magazine

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