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Slippers Are the New Sneakers

By Charlotte Hudson

With the rising re-popularity of UGGs this past winter, students on campus have been keeping on trend with the hottest shoe style: slippers. Now seen as not just something to wear around the house, slippers have become a comfy and cozy alternative to sneakers that are great for a casual outing.

One of the most popular slipper styles has been the UGG Tasman Slipper. This is the most fashionable slipper that can be dressed up with jeans or dressed down with sweatpants, and it is definitely more of an out-and-about slipper. The slipper can be worn in multiple colors in both men and women’s sizes: classic, staple colors like chestnut or black, and even bold colors like navy blue or bright pink as well. UGG also offers a platform-style version of the Tasman slipper that can elevate the slipper style even more. The Tasman slipper has become so popular and well received that almost all of the slipper colors have been out-of-stock or on backorder for months.

Backless shearling slippers are popular, too. I personally have a pair from Kirkland Signature and they are easy to slip on for a quick outing. They pair best with a more casual outfit and are also the perfect slippers to wear around your dorm or house. The shearling fur adds warmth and comfortability. Along with Kirkland Signature, some of the best shearling slippers are from UGG and Minnetonka.

Lastly, moccasins have been one of the best slippers that always trend during the winter months. According to The New York Times: Wirecutter, L.L Bean’s Wicked Good Moccasins are the overall pick because of their comfort and durability. Just like the Tasman slipper, moccasins look best with any jean outfit or be dressed down for comfort. Because of a softer sole, moccasins offer the most comfortable slipper option, and they are a unique pair of slippers for people who aren’t looking for a platform version.

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