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The Art of Archiving

By Shea Smith

Instagram: an app that serves as a platform where users can share slivers of their lives through pictures, videos or stories.  

Instagram has a feature where instead of deleting a post, a user can archive it. The post will no longer be shown on their profile. At any point, however, they can decide to unarchive it, and the photo or video will appear on their page without popping up as a new post in their followers’ feed. 

Many Instagram users agree that they want the app to be more casual. Not every post has to be a flawless selfie or a perfectly candid snapshot of you and your pals. The archive feature puts a lot less pressure on posting. There is less worry about how much traction or “likes” the post will get. Now, users can post whatever they want without the concern of others' approval. 

However, many use the archive feature to make their profile appear aesthetically pleasing and put together as other users scroll. Users have quickly mastered sharing posts that complement their existing photos wonderfully. It is a more lowkey, laid-back form of creative expression.

Archived posts can quite literally be anything: a “fit-check,” last night’s dinner, freshly polished nails, artwork, a scenic sunrise, a pet, something someone saw on a walk, a jewelry stack, a book, a mirror picture, pretty flowers or a morning cup of coffee.

Think of things that make you happy and snap a picture of it. Then, share the post to your page, archive it and build your profile with images of your favorite things. This is a good exercise in helping you see the beauty in the little things. 

Now, start sharing your creative eye with the world!

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