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The Season of Love

By Elle Wentworth

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we may be experiencing many different emotions. Maybe we are thinking, “I can’t wait to spend this day with my significant other.” Or maybe it is, “wow, I wish I had a significant other.” 

Valentine’s Day – often filled with love and gratitude of (significant) others – can sometimes lead to thoughts of doubt, insecurity, and loneliness. 

I am here to remind you that Valentine’s Day is not just a day simply to celebrate your love for others; it too is a day to love yourself. It is a day to prioritize yourself and the things you love. It is a day to cherish the relationships you have and to recognize that there is love all around. You cannot love others properly without first loving yourself. 

Take the day to do what you love. Read your favorite book. Go on a long walk. Go to hot pilates. Eat pasta. Go get ice cream with your friends. Write love letters to others. Write a love letter to yourself. Make heart shaped pizza. Get your nails done. Sing your favorite songs. Go for a long drive. Make dessert. Watch a rom-com. Do the things that make you feel most you. 

Do the things that you LOVE. 

That is what Valentine's Day is about. Love is all around. Let us use the day to appreciate that. Tell those you love that you love them, while remembering all the reasons you love yourself.

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