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Thread Up Oxford

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

By Lucy Sweeney

Photography by Amanda Schweder

Your favorite weekend activity is just five minutes away. Thrifting;

the thrill of the hunt.

Thread Up Oxford is a retail store on College Corner Pike in the Westgate Mall. The thrift store serves as a zero-waste textile donation point and upcycling center.

Shana Rosenburg, executive director and founder of Thread Up Oxford, combined her love for fabrics, community service and helping the environment. The young nonprofit received an overwhelming amount of textile donations in the past six months.

Rosenberg, who hates fast fashion, blames mass consumerism for excessive textile waste. Rosenberg and her board of directors work tirelessly to relocate secondhand fabric to people in need.

“Everyone needs a wardrobe they can be comfortable in,” said Rosenburg.

Rosenberg describes the need for a healthy wardrobe; one that boosts your mental health, lifts your self confidence and suits you for a job interview.

Photography by Amanda Schweder

In October, the store hit a one-ton week. In seven days, the store received 2,000 pounds of donated textiles. Thread Up Oxford upcycles these donations and sells the items at reasonable prices.

Whether you're a thrifter, want to give back to the community or have a green thumb, Thread Up Oxford is your oasis. The store is searching for their army of volunteers, don’t be shy and check it out!

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