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Trendy or Timeless: Chunky Headphones

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

By Taylor Shockley

FAIRY STORIES DARLING / @fairystoriesdarling on Pinterest

With the 2020s bringing back many old staples in fashion, one surprising new look is the chunky headphone. And yes, I mean the bright red Beats you used to wear in 6th grade. While the majority of users are still using smaller, wireless options, this type of headphone has truly made a comeback.

The chunky headphone or over-the-ear headphones are breaking through even though just a short while ago it used to be embarrassing to wear anything that didn’t fit in your ear.

When the first pair of headphones were created in 1910, they were chunky in appearance. This style seemed to linger around for almost 70 years until portable and lightweight headphones came to the market. From then on, the smaller the better worked for the industry. People went crazy for the small Bluetooth headphones that could fit in their ears. But why? They are constantly falling out when you move around and in general, don’t fit most ear types.

The rebirth of this profound love of over-the-ear headphones can be seen spotted on celebrities and influencers all over. Bella Hadid, Matilda Djerf, Timothée Chalamet and Nessa Barrett have all been seen wearing the new Airpod Max, which brings a modern version of the chunky headphone to the twenty-first century.

With the evolution of this style of headphone, it is being seen as more of a fashion accessory. The chunky headphone is being used to add something extra to your outfit rather than it being used in just their intended way.

Overall, the chunky headphone will be around for a long time as their versatility is timeless. The next time you reach for a pair of headphones, remember they are the newest fashion accessory.

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