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Update Your Playlists With Music from All Over the World

By Joan Carol

Put on your headphones, warm up that speaker, and of course, update your new playlist for the next road trip. We have no doubt your music taste is exquisite, but we want to help you open your ears to new sounds. Come with us on a music tour around the world, and enjoy it with this playlist we made for you!

Spain: Estopa 

This duo will remind you of something between Billy Joel and Harry Styles but with a unique twist that is all their own. 

José and David Muñoz are brothers from Cornella de Llobregat, a Barcelona Suburb. Their parents are from the South of Spain, so they grew up listening to rumba. José and David formed Estopa in 1998 and were one of the best groups in the country during the early 2000. Their mix of rumba, rock and flamenco is a must at every party in Spain. Spaniards go nuts whenever they hear the first notes of “Por la raja de tu falda.”

Belgium: Stromae 

Paul van Haver, better known as Stromae, has a similar sound to Calvin Harris and David Guetta.  

If you haven’t already, it's time to discover Stromae. He took Europe by storm in 2009 with his chart-topping hit “Alors on Dance.” The Belgian rapper and singer has a diverse musical career spanning techno and rap. His unique blend of these genres earned him the 2014 World Music Award for the best-selling European solo artist. Stromae's collaborations with international stars like Dua Lipa, Coldplay, Kanye West and Camila Cabello further attest to his global appeal. 

Nigeria: 1da Banton 

If you like Post Malone, you need to give him a chance.

Godson Ominibie Epelle, more well-known as 1da Banton, was born in Port Harcourt in 1994. He’s the proud writer and singer of “No Whala,” one of the most streamed Afrobeat songs on Spotify, with over 100 million streams. In an interview with Quipmag, the artist said “Afrobeat is taking the world by storm.” This Nigerian genre combines West African musical styles with traditional Yoruba and Igbo music and American funk, jazz and soul influences.

Italy: Raffaella Carrà 

If you remember the Bee Gees, you will find a familiar sound there.

“The Queen of Italian Television” is also the singer of some Italian party bangers. Raffaella sadly died in 2021 at 78 years old, but she will never be forgotten. Her greatest hits like “A far l’amore comincia tu,”’ “Rumore” and “Tanti Agurri” put a smile on the face of every Italian. She even crossed the Mediterranean Sea, having hits in Spanish as well. Over the years, Carrà has been compared to Americans like Donna Summer, Barbara Walters and Ann-Margret, but the more accurate scenario is to imagine a compelling combination of all three. 

Portugal: Buraka Som Sistema 

If Tiesto is on your party playlist, surprise everyone with some Portuguese next time.

Take techno beats and mix it with kuduro, an energetic, danceable rhythm from Angola. Add some zouk, a French percussion-driven system, and put some Portuguese lyrics there, but don’t forget to give it a hip-hop style. That’s what the band Buraka Som Sistema thought in Lisbon in 2002. If you are ready to listen to their biggest hit, “Kalemba ‘(Wegue Wegue),” be prepared for a unique rhythm you won't find anywhere else.

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