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UPinion: Why Rhode by Hailey Bieber Works

By Marissa Rotolo

Hailey Bieber has been the eye of a media storm for years. From the “nepotism baby” discourse, to ties in a Justin-Selena Gomez love triangle, to awkward paparazzi videos...these are just a few pop culture moments that have led to Beiber’s controversial image. Upon the release of her personal brand, Rhode, the same controversy followed. Was this going to be just another celebrity brand where celebrities slap their name on a generic business model? This was the consensus prior to the brand’s launch. However, Rhode has proven that it is a serious business that deserves to be in the spotlight with other leading brands. 

Bieber’s brand did not turn my head until recently. Originally, it did feel generic. It felt targeted to people who were already Hailey Bieber fans prior. That simply was not a box I fit in. This was not until one of her most recent marketing campaigns. This marketing campaign was for Hailey’s first cleanser, Pineapple Refresh. For this ad campaign, Rhode focused on a tropical vintage feel, with color schemes of yellow, browns, and greens with a high saturation to give it a personal branding. This ad video transported me to a beach, and I instantly felt intrigued to buy the product that could make me feel like I was in this ad. This campaign also features a calendar-like approach to her models: A “Miss March,” “Miss April,” etc. The models featured were diverse, and all had their own moment. This campaign catches eyes, it’s visually appealing and properly advertises a pineapple product.

After I found this ad campaign, I decided to do a deeper dive into Rhode’s ad campaigns. Rhode collaborated with Krispy Kreme in August 2023 as a means of advertising her limited edition Strawberry Glazed Peptide Lip Treatments. This type of product marketing creates value and nostalgia around her product, especially given the nostalgic status of Krispy Kreme. 

I could not write this blog without mentioning Rhode’s newest endeavor, Lip Case, or phone cases that fit her Peptide Lip Treatment. The announcement of this product is genius for two reasons. The first reason being, it is a unique product that has not been done before. Second, Bieber dropped the announcement of this product by posting a mirror selfie with the phone case on Instagram. This tactic shows that Beiber herself uses her own product which creates interest and makes people click, which leads to engagement. This product creates diversity amongst an industry where almost everything has already been done. I can see this product selling out quickly, and being recreated by many other companies. Bieber and her marketing team are proving that they are most certainly forces to be reckoned with.

To close up this blog, I wanted to visit the Rhode website and talk about the products that are offered; however, every product is currently sold out, which I think speaks for itself. Rhode is creating demand that is unprecedented for products that aren’t entirely unique. Her marketing most definitely makes her company stand out, and her numbers are outstanding.

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