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UPinon: “Binchtopia” Is The Hilarious, Sexy, Educational Podcast You’ve Been Searching For

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

By Ava Shaffer

“If Plato and Aristotle had internet addictions and knew what "gaslighting" was, they'd probably make this podcast. Hosts Julia Hava and Eliza McLamb guide you through our current cultural hellscape, share sociological and psychological perspectives on pop culture, and deconstruct everything you've ever loved.” - Binchtopia’s Offical Blurb

I have recently been on the hunt for the perfect Walking To Class or Picking Up My Mail From Miami’s Package Center podcast, and I struck gold when I stumbled upon “Binchtopia.”

This podcast covers every topic a girl at a liberal arts college wants to learn about: feminism, politics, sex, education, history, and more.

Charismatic hosts Julia Hava and Eliza McLamb discuss an important social or psychological issue in each episode, perfectly combining humor and wit with education and fact-based articles. The girls on “Binchtopia” are smart and contemporary women in their early 20’s, and that shows through in their hilarious yet acute commentary. They discuss timely and typically taboo subjects such as sexism, hookup culture, gentrification - and they do so with spunk and entertainment.

For example, their trending episode “Cleopatra, Come to Brazil” discusses the origins of plastic surgery, and what implications it has on modern women. They chat about modern influencers like the Kardashians and give quick-witted commentary on photoshopped social media posts.

Another popular episode, “Zarapocalypse”, discusses the evolution of fast fashion and the industry’s environmental and social impact. One of “Binchtopia’s” main phrases is “B*tches hate nuance” and in this hard-hitting episode, they dive deep into the nuance of fast fashion. “Binchtopia” remains one of my favorite podcasts because of the nuance they deliver, the messages they read out loud from fans, and the overall diversity of thought they promote throughout their podcast.

JULIA HAVA / @BinchtopiaPod on Instagram (Eliza McLamb

on left, Julia Hava on right)

Although most of “Binchtopia’s” episodes provide historical, political, or sociocultural knowledge, I am never bored or feel like I am being talked down to with this podcast. Julia and Eliza do a fantastic job of explaining complex theories and histories in an easy-to-consume manner, as well as adding light-hearted jokes to ease the mood.

Overall this podcast is witty, informative, and just downright entertaining. The hosts are educated, charismatic, and have exposed me to new insights I have never heard of before. If you’re looking to have a laugh and expand your perspectives, as well as gain some killer talking points for your next in-class discussion, give “Binchtopia” a listen- you won’t regret it!

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