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Wild Berry: The Haven for Oxford’s Hippies

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

By Ava Shaffer

AVA SHAFFER / UP Blog Writer

Have you been trying to master the art of manifestation? Are you on the hunt for some crystals to improve your energy? Or do you just want to go to a cute local store with great vibes? If so, Wild Berry is your number one place to stop.

Located in uptown at 15 W High St Wild Berry has been in business since 1971. This bohemian shop’s merchandise ranges from crystals, tarot cards, gag gifts and even vintage posters. With cheap prices for college students (I bought this amethyst for only $4!), Wild Berry is the essential shop for Oxford’s hippies.

The staff at Wild Berry are not only knowledgeable about every product they sell, they’re also exceptionally kind. The last time I visited the shop a staff member greeted me by saying, “Hello! You look like sunshine today!

Wild Berry has also been coined with the title, “The Best Incense In America.” As told on Wild Berry’s official website, “The moment you walk through the door, our aromatic and sensual Wild Berry Incense greets you as a fine bouquet.” With over 90 different fragrances and tons of intricate incense holders, Wild Berry has got your incense needs covered.

As you roam around the cozy store, you will notice that Wild Berry is a maximilist’s eclectic dream. Clothing, jewelry, crystals and so much more seem to burst off the shelves with energy. Sometimes walking into an overflowing store can be a bit overwhelming, so see below for a compiled list of products at Wild Berry for you!

AVA SHAFFER / UP Blog Writer

AVA SHAFFER / UP Blog Writer

Rose Quartz Crystal Tree

Have you been trying to bring some good energy to your love life? Or just have an aesthetically pleasing trinket on your window sill? If so, this rose quartz tree could be your next best purchase!

Price: $7

AVA SHAFFER / UP Blog Writer

Cherry Vanilla Traditional Incense Sticks

The traditional incense sticks are the perfect place to start if you’re new to incense. Cherry Vanilla is a universal scent that most people seem to like. With a cheap price for 15 sticks of incense, this is a really great deal. The Cherry Vanilla scent is described as a fresh cherry fragrance blended with rich vanilla, including deeper notes of bourbon and maple sugar.

Price: $3.40

Ocean Wind Essential Oil

This essential oil smells exactly like going for a morning walk along the beach. This fragrance is described as an invigorating scent bursting with notes of fresh lime, tart grapefruit, warm jasmine, amber and musk. With sand in your toes, and the sun rising above the horizon, this essential oil will make you feel like you’re at the beach, and not stuck at home during a pandemic.

Price: $7.50

Reusable Wild Berry Tote bag

Everybody loves a good tote bag, and Wild Berry sells tons with their logo on it. This tote bag is especially interesting because it has two extra pockets on the outside of the canvas, which most tote bags seem to lack. For all of your extra goodies like chapstick, earbuds, or even crystals- this bag can hold it all!

Price: $15

The Green Witch Tarot Deck

This tarot deck is brand new to the Wild Berry store. With gorgeous artwork and a beginner’s manual to reading the cards, this is a great tarot deck for anyone wanting to try out tarot but not knowing where to start.

Price: $36

So the next time you find yourself in uptown and feel a magnetic pull towards this mystical shop, don’t ignore it. Unlock your inner flower child and follow that instinct!

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