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Writing For Your Well-Being

By Shea Smith

Mental health has become a topic of conversation that people feel more comfortable opening up and sharing with others. There is a supply closet full of remedies to assist you in taking charge of your negative thoughts or feelings, one of which is journaling.

I have found peace through this tool; it eases me and helps me cope with stress. When my thoughts start flowing, and my pen begins to race, I realize how I really feel toward a situation, leaving me with clarity.

There are several ways to journal, and not all have to be through the typical pen and paper route. You can use the Notes app on your phone, an empty document on your laptop, or the Voice Memos app. As simple as it sounds, getting your true thoughts down or saying them aloud has genuine value. It is important to have the tools handy so you can jot down how you are feeling in the moment.

Journaling is a beneficial coping mechanism to help you take charge of your life and deal with whatever feelings college may bring about. Do not forget to highlight your positive thoughts and feelings, too! Writing down a happy memory or funny moment from your day is good for your soul.

It’s important to include a date, time, and day of the week for each entry. Going back and reading your writing entries is a great way to realize your growth. It also reminds you to keep going. You are a lot stronger than you think!

Journaling is a great habit to get into before bed after a long day. Throw on some gentle music and allow yourself to decompress. If you are stumped with what to write about, I suggest you look up journaling prompts, pick one that sticks with you, and get going! Remember, not every entry has to be a novel; short and sweet is just fine, too.

Journaling is good for your mind and gives your brain a workout. Plus, years from now, you’ll be so grateful to have thoughts and memories from your 20-year-old self.

Now, go get to writing for your well-being!

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