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Updated: Feb 16, 2023

By Anaka Bretzke

With the weather getting colder by the day, it’s time to push your summer wardrobe to the back of your closet and make room for coats, flannels and sweatshirts.

These 11 fall staples everyone needs in their closet this season!

1.Statement Blazer

A blazer is a versatile piece that's perfect to dress up or down. You can stay simple with a neutral black or beige, or make a statement with bold pop of color or plaid. Not to mention, it'll definitely make you look and feel like a #girlboss.


2. Baguette Bag

These tiny handbags are so trendy and retro, guaranteed to make a statement with any outfit!

3. Leather Staple

You name it, leather pants, leather blazers, leather jackets — they're all trending this season. Everyone needs a simple leather piece in their closet, and these pants are the perfect staple. (Also, they're vegan! No harm done!)

4. The Shacket

Easy to dress up or down, these are a must have for the fall/winter season.

5. Puffer Jacket

A perfect way to stay warm, but also make a fashion statement. I bought this exact puffer above from Target for $25, which was a steal. I highly recommend this one, and they have a wide array of colors to choose from!

6. Romantic Sleeves

A statement piece for the upcoming season, and a flattering way to play with shape and volume!

7. Cropped Cardigan

Cardigans are everywhere this season (I mean, Taylor Swift even dropped a song named Cardigan), and when I say this is a must have, I mean it. Perfect to wear with jeans or leggings, this piece is cute in a solid color or a pattern as shown above.

8. The Classic LBD

Need I say more? Everyone needs a perfect little black dress in their closet that reflects their personal style. Also, these dresses are so simple and classy, making them perfect to wear year after year.

9. Sherpa Jacket

I'm obsessed with these sherpa jackets. Similar to the Shacket, these fall staples are perfect to dress up or down. This one pictured above from Target for $30 is currently out of stock, but I hope it'll restock soon because I definitely need one!

10. Basic Neutral Bodysuit

Neutrals are everywhere this season, we've consistently seen instagram influencers sporting a simple black or beige bodysuit with a blazer or a puffer coat. I especially love the halter neck on this one from ZARA.

11. Wide Leg Jeans

Another one of my favorite fall trends will be your go-to jeans this season. I especially love these Rolla jeans from Free People. The front pockets and the slight crop of the pants make for the perfect pair of wide leg jeans.

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