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2023: One Year, Decades of Fashion

By Taylor Morgan

As we creep back into the colder months of 2023, we find ourselves searching our closets for the jackets, jeans, and sweaters that better suit the weather. In doing so, we are faced with the fashion trends of last winter that we inevitably fell into, as well as those from spring and summer. So, what better time to take a glance at the fashion (and decades) 2023 brought us? With the rise of vintage and second-hand shopping this year, there are prominent pieces from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s that made their way back into our hearts.


Starting with the 1960s, where would we look other than the staple mini skirt that coined the era? Gaining its popularity from British designer Mary Quant in the mid-60s, this fashion trend pushed barriers and shocked all. Designers have taken the classic mini skirt cut and put their own spin on it. From preppy and pleated to the ultra-ultra mini or the cargo, there is a mini skirt fit for everyone's closet.


Taking a turn from the 60s mini, the denim maxi skirt has proven a staple in both the 1970s and 2023. The concept of a denim maxi skirt came to life in the mid-70s as a product of recycled jeans. Women would patch together pieces of old or upcycled denim and other fabrics to create their own unique skirts. This past year, the relaxed and retro feel of a denim maxi could be found from the streets of London to the brick lanes of Georgia, displaying its fit within anybody's personal style.

FABIEN BARON / @kaiagerber and @fabienbaron on Instagram


Now for outerwear, the oversized blazer of the 80s had a comeback of massive proportions in 2023. From structured shoulder pads to dazzling buttons, it is no wonder we dressed down the office wear staple and claimed it as the next best layering piece. The 80s blazer made its way into the “model off-duty” blueprint and with the versatility of pairing, from jeans to trousers it became an easy and chic look.


This past year it has been a race to find the perfect straight leg jean, a style that captivated the jean connoisseurs of the 90s. From Monica Geller's perfect 90s denim to the paparazzi pictures of Cindy Crawford, the 2023 generation was inspired. If we couldn’t find a pair in the bins of Goodwill or our mom's closets, we looked to Abercrombie and Fitch for the Ultra High Rise 90s Straight Jean.

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