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Eli Rallo: Redefining Rules

By Kaitlin McDowell

Being a girl in the 21st century comes with a multitude of challenges and obstacles. Society’s expectations and “rules,” are constantly changing and often unobtainable. Columbia University journalism graduate, Eli Rallo, is making these challenges more reachable with her “rules.” 

Rallo got her start on TikTok, making videos of different trail mixes in large gallon-sized glass jars, that she branded as “The Jarr.” These trail mixes were filled with everything from Rallo’s favorite candies, chocolates, nuts and pretzels.

As her platform grew, Rallo began sharing rules for holidays, first dates, the perfect Saturday itinerary and everything in between. These lists became so popular that Rallo transformed them into a book. 

Released in December 2023, Rallo’s first book titled, “I Didn’t Know I Needed This,” covers navigating dating, situationships, friendships and sex as a young woman. Rallo includes a list of rules for each subject matter at the beginning of her chapters and goes in-depth on each rule throughout the book.

Using her personal experience and life stories, Rallo makes it so that any girl can find a way to relate to this. Whether it’s confusion over educational choices, struggles with romance, or even friendship drama, Rallo has stories and advice for any and all life dilemmas. 

Not only does she share her experiences, but Rallo’s words are the confidence boost that every girl needs. By sharing her stories, Rallo tells girls how they deserve to be treated and to put up with nothing less. 

This book is like the most complete guide to being the best version of yourself, written by the “girl’s girl” of all “girl’s girls.”

With references to icons like Carrie Bradshaw and pop culture masterpieces like “Wicked” and “Glee,” Rallo adds her own humor to this book as well.

If you find yourself unsatisfied after completing this book, and in desperate need of more advice from Rallo herself, head over to her Instagram page, @eli.rallo, where she posts advice columns, inspirational quotes and pop culture memes practically every day. 

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