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UP's Fashion Guide: Five Styles We’re Wearing This Fall

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

By Taylor Shockley

VIOLET / @Violet on Pinterest

As the temperature drops, we swap out our tank tops for hoodies and sandals for boots. Lucky for you, we have prepared a list of the top pieces you need in your wardrobe to get ready for the fall.

1. Ugg Boots

Our younger selves are absolutely living right now because UGGs are officially back and better than ever. Although UGGs with skinny jeans didn’t come back, wearing a chunky knit sweater, straight-leg jeans and the adorable classic minis are in. There has also been a rise in the slippers, specifically the Tazz and the Classic Slipper, being worn out as casual wear.

2. Leather

Leather has returned for another season! It is pushing the boundaries in terms of what it can do. This year it is showing up in dresses and even tops as can be seen in Abercrombie’s latest fall drop.

3. Baggy Pants

The looser-fit pants aren’t going out of style anytime soon and cargo pants have made a surprising return. Cargo, trousers and wide-leg pants will look perfect this fall season paired with chunky knit sweaters.

4. Clogs

Don’t you worry just yet because the beloved clogs have returned for another season! This shoe will look perfect paired with straight-leg jeans or some trusty overalls. Clogs are a great universal shoe to add to your fall wardrobe this year.

5. The Preppy Aesthetic

If you worried you were going to have to leave your coastal grandmother-styled clothing behind in summer, think again. The preppy look is taking over this season. With the return of vests, stripes and button-ups, don’t throw out all of your summer clothes just yet.

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