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Fashion Spotlight: Zendaya

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

By Annika M. Baldwin

Zendaya Coleman is no stranger to the spotlight. The world has watched her move from the sweet, comedic girl in Disney Channel’s "Shake it Up" to the brilliantly-portrayed heartbreaking drug addict on the phenomenon series "Euphoria." And one thing is for certain:

The woman is stunning.

She is not simply an award-winning and talented actress. With a breathtaking natural beauty, an informal demeanor, and a brilliant mind, she also has an unbeatable fashion sense. She is an icon, both socially and fashionably.

Professionally, she is not afraid to coordinate her outfits with the amazing films that she has premiered in. At the Hollywood and London Spiderman: No Way Home premieres, her outfits nodded to the franchise. Her Valentino spiderweb dress spun her across the Internet. And her Alexander McQueen blazer at the London photocall seemed Venom-inspired with a touch of webbing.

She also sported fashion ensembles that provided gorgeous tributes to the sci-fi art and sand-studded cinematography of Dune.

At the 2021 Venice Film Festival premiere of the cinematic masterpiece, Zendaya wore a sand dune-inspired Balmain dress the color of silt. For a film that deals greatly with dehydration, there is a touch of irony in the wet-look of this style.

Her style at the London Dune premiere, however, caused the biggest splash. The dramatic swoop of the dress’s shoulder and the hug of the body were stunning and eye-catching. Rick Owen’s Fall 2021 Collection gown seemed to arrive from the future and the universe of the very film.

Her fashion statements extend further than her media premieres. Zendaya is unafraid to be bold in her casual wear. At Dune’s post-screening cocktail reception, she changed from the carpet-arresting Rick Owen to a Peter Do button-down tunic and black leather pants. This particular piece is inspiring for the Dune worshipers among us, something more attainable than the intense red carpet fashion.

Many of Zendaya’s street shots show her as the personable “girl-who’s-just-like-you.” Her photos show her smiling or sending a wave the photographer’s way.

Yari's / Pinterest

Zendaya is no stranger to modeling, either.

Representing Valentino’s spring 2022 collection, Zendaya is easy, breezy, and beautiful, adorned in gorgeously bold colors like sunshine and spring rain.

Zendaya is also a great representation for androgynous fashions. Many of her pieces are feminine and elegant, but she is often known to wear gender-blending outfits, such as the Peter Do piece or the Alexander Queen blazer. Another of the spring Valentino fashions favored this trend of hers, and she wore the look to the Graham Norton Show with boyfriend Tom Holland. A stunning emerald green suit coat with silken purple beneath, Zendaya stole the show per usual.

Many of Zendaya’s looks are, naturally, expensive designer pieces. But the flexibility with which she arrays herself and plans the pieces gives fans the ability to channel her style into their own day-to-day or celebratory fashion.

She is an icon in her gender and race representation, her recognition of addiction, and her show-stopping fashion sense. Perhaps, it is not too far-fetched to declare Zendaya the next “Queen.” All hail Queen Z.

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