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Four Shoe-Ins for Your Next Sneaker Purchase

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

By Jackie Cameron

There’s a significant difference between sneakers and tennis shoes. Sneakers are neutral basics that compliment any look, but have also been said to produce blisters. On the other end of the spectrum are tennis shoes —pure cushiony comfort, but slightly clunky and much more likely to ruin your outfit.

Don’t worry though, a happy medium can be found between the two. Below are four shoes that will physically transform your walk to class into a runway show, but mentally maintain the feeling of your most broken-in pair of Nikes.

New Balance

These newbies encapsulate fall’s color scheme and also boast a soft underfoot cushion that ensures your feet won’t get tired while walking from Farmer to Armstrong. The shoe style itself blends running shoes with old-school, chunky white sneakers, making it the perfect pair to both match an athleisure look or complete a dress and sneakers combo. If you want your shoes to be versatile this season, add these to your cart.


Gola, a Great Britian shoe brand, offers whimsical spins on conventional footwear. While the base of their shoes resemble plain white Vans, the added patterns and colors will bring a pop of life to your feet. Plus, the thick soles provide additional foot support, giving you the convenience of a Hoka tennis shoe disguised as a vintage sneaker.


If you’re looking for a spunky add on to your outfit, try these platform high-tops. The multitude of colors means you’re bound to find a pair of shorts to match the burnt orange and pink cheetah print. The platform produces added height and extra foot padding. Strutting to your 8:30 lecture has never looked (or felt) so good.


The great thing about vintage shoe styles is that they never go out of style and these Reeboks are no exception to the rule. The clean-cut look results in shoes that will match any and every piece of your wardrobe, but the pink and red stripes add hints of hidden color, so no one can say they’re just basic sneakers. Reviews range from “comfy right out of the box” to “a wear anywhere shoe” so if you haven’t already clicked the link to buy, do so now.

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