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From Supermodel to Fashion Designer: Behind Elsa Hosk's New Label Helsa

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

By Anne Kenny

YULIA GORBACHENKO / @hoskelsa on Instagram

Victoria secret supermodel Elsa Hosk is known to dominate looks on and off the runway. Effortlessly cool, Hosk sports the latest and greatest styles, ranging from faux leather cargos to oversized denim pieces. After many years on the runway, Hosk is ready to debut her own line as campaign creative director and designer of her new label Helsa.

Hosk is quite literally a professional at wearing clothes. Taking from her experiences modeling clothes, Hosk learned the ins and outs of what makes an item fit well, how to find quality materials, and how to give plain pieces an elevated look. Using this knowledge, Hosk curated a 48-piece collection that can serve as an entire minimalist wardrobe.

Hosk's Scandinavian upbringing also greatly influenced her brand. In an interview with Vogue, Hosk describes how values like family, feminism, equality and taking care of nature and our earth were values she kept in mind when creating her brand. These values echo through her many sustainable, feminine pieces that can be recycled and reworn seasonally.

The Helsa fall 2022 collection is available on Revolve. For inspiration on how to style these pieces, check out @hoskelsa on Instagram.

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