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Hitting the Slopes: Après Ski is Winter's Coolest Trend

By Grace Klebe

Photography by Megan Cantwell, Styled by Sloane Lewis

Streetwear is getting a little bit icier this season. The forecast shows that après ski inspired fashion is the hottest trend, and it means more than just snow pants and a set of Hot Hands shoved into your gloves. Pinterest has seen an 83 percent rise in the search for “ski outfits for women” since October, and we have some tips for how you can incorporate these looks into your everyday outfits.

It is no question that Covid has changed the way we feel about leisure wear. We have spent more time in our homes over these last few years than ever before. But we have also spent more time outside, dining on patios deep into November and taking long walks around the block. It gets cold, especially in Ohio, so it makes sense that we would want to spice up our winter gear and be a little more fashionable while also staying warm.

Photography by Megan Cantwell, Styled by Sloane Lewis

Moon Boots have made an epic comeback over the last few years, switching from an early 2000s staple to a bold statement piece that will protect your toes from the Oxford snow. Coming in a huge variety of colors, Moon Boots are a super fun way to add a little personality to your winter footwear.

Uggs are also coming back in full stride, the Uggs Minis being the most popular of all. Cute, simple and low maintenance, it's no wonder these shoes are trending again.

Photography by Megan Cantwell, Styled by Sloane Lewis

Footwear isn’t the only place you can spot ski-to-street these days, the rise in popularity of bright puffer coats bei ng the perfect example. From Aritzia’s Superpuff to Target’s A New Day line, there is absolutely no shortage of fun coats to browse this winter.

The après ski vibe is showing up everywhere. Big cable knit sweaters, giant Acne Studios scarves, Mou boots, epic scenes in movies like “House of Gucci”, printed snow pants and even balaclavas are taking over our feeds and our wardrobes. So bundle up, we’ve got some shopping to do.

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