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Let's Have Live Music!

By Sophie Taylor

Everyone loves music, but there is nothing better than music … except for live music. From concerts, breweries, restaurants, to backyards, anywhere that music is being played, people show up.

The entire experience is fun: getting dressed up, getting something to eat, buying tickets ahead or just being able to show up is an excitement incomparable to most. Live music is a chance for people to let loose. It gives us a few hours to unplug and spend quality time with others.

Live music also gives a deeper appreciation for musical artists and what they do. Seeing them live is a much different experience than listening through headphones — the musical talent is amplified tenfold in person.

It is also a chance to support local music, as it is hard to support them on apps like Apple Music or Spotify that take royalties. Listeners also find new artists to support, with opening acts or festivals.

Listening to live music reduces stress hormone levels, while boosting endorphins, domain and oxytocin. It has also been suggested that experiencing live music regularly boosts creativity and cognitive abilities; the social experience, otherwise known as ‘collective effervescence,’ may have something to do with this.

Overall, live music improves physical and mental health. If so, what better place to have live music than a college?

Currently, Miami University has little opportunities for live music. Wednesday “country nights” at Brick Street Bar, usually for a small fee, allow students to enjoy live music for a few hours. However, in the middle of the week, many students are unable to attend or are not willing to pay for the ticket. Fraternities occasionally host live bands as an alternative to a DJ, but again, students are not always able or willing to attend.

In the past, Millett Hall has hosted musicians such as Bob Dylan, REM, Talking Heads, The Go-Go’s, Bruce Springsteen and Jethro Tull, according to Concert Archives.

What happened to these kinds of concerts at Miami, and how can we bring them back?

Let’s have fun like the old days and listen to some live music!

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