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Standout Looks from This Year's Coachella Music Festival

By Campbell Masys

Each year, one of the most widely attended music festivals comes around and brings eye-catching fashion with it. From rap to country, and indie to rap and R&B, every genre and fashion sense is represented. We look to celebrities, influencers and performers to see what looks they will pull out. 

With such a wide variety of music comes an even wider range of outfits. Although the festival maintains a country, boho vibe, there are many approaches to the festival. Sometimes the attendees go above and beyond with their looks, and other times, they do not quite hit the mark. After the first weekend of Coachella, we’ve compiled the most unique and stand out looks. 

Sabrina Carpenter wowed crowds with the tiniest of mini skirts with crystal jaguar embellishments paired with a fully diamond studded top and snakeskin jacket. 

In a perfect monochrome cowboy fit, Paris Hilton ditched the pink for an all-black western look. With silver jewelry and a cowboy hat to match, Hilton was spot-on with her festival attire. 

Fans loved more than one of influencer Charli D’Amelio’s festival looks. D’Amelio’s day one look was perfect for the desert with her layered black and white bikini, sheer black maxi skirt and headscarf. For day two of the festival, her sheer butterfly dress perfectly embodied the Coachella vibe. 


Surprisingly, Travis Kelce showed up in Palm Springs with the perfect look. The Kansas City Chiefs player took the more casual route with a flannel, bandana and baseball cap. Hand-in-hand with Taylor Swift, the two were festival-ready. 

Not everyone can blow people away when it comes to putting together a Coachella ensemble. Fans were disappointed in one of the event's headliners, Doja Cat. Her six eclectic looks during her set seemed out of place in the California desert. 

Pop star Kesha, had all the right makings for an ideal look: cowgirl boots and denim. However, the look just did not blow fans away.  

Actress Emma Roberts also did not give much in her retro Prada look. It was simple and cute but nothing eye-popping. 

It is always fun to see how the festival is interpreted and the looks that are presented by all that attend. Coachella provides us with plenty of pop culture entertainment every year from celebrity sightings, performances, and fashion.

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