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MUse: The Creative Society of Miami University

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

By: Carolyne Croy

Miami University has a prominent fashion presence, with MUF&D the University's fashion and design organization, and UP Magazine, Miami's student-run fashion and lifestyle magazine. Both organizations are successful and continue to grow every semester through gaining members, obtaining sponsors and receiving national recognition. But while both organizations continue to rise in their successes, there seems to be an organization in between that has been missing, an organization to feed the talent; and that organization is MUse Management.

Gia Tummillo, a sophomore at Miami University is the founder and creative director of MUse management. I had the opportunity to sit down with her and ask her all about MUse; the beginning, their new members, and hopes for its future. Gia created MUse after watching an interview with the CEO of The Wall Group,  a company determined to showcase the under-represented in fashion. After learning about all that goes on behind the scenes in creating a stunning fashion shoot, a glamorous makeup look, or a unique promotional video, Gia knew MUse was something Miami University needed.


After getting her ideas together, Gia pitched her idea to a friend, and they took it and ran with it. MUse was officially launched on December 15, 2018, and the organization is now growing rapidly. MUse is now comprised of six categories: hair, makeup, modeling, wardrobe, photography, and videography, and with an average of about six artists in each category, MUse is now an organization of over artists.

I asked Gia about how she got started with MUse and what it was like to create something all her own back before it was the populated organization it is today. I started building it up all last semester, but silently, she said. Gia wanted to build up the social media for MUse and help it to gain some recognition on campus before the official launch. To promote MUse as a brand, Gia hopes to keep the promote the sleek, minimalistic logo which will add an element of exclusivity to the brand.

Since the spring 2019 semester is the first for MUSe, they are still raising money through dues and fundraisers. Gia has plans in the making for the Fall 2019 semester, such as an Alumni Networking Brunch, and bringing in a panel of guest speakers to highlight the professional development aspect of the fashion industry. 


MUse is accepting applications through rolling admission this semester only, allowing artists to get a feel of the organization and create brand recognition. The application is on their website, and prompts applicants to showcase their creative ideas and social media. When you're in a creative field social media can say so much, Gia explained. MUse is definitely more focused on the artists themselves rather than the product, which is why any money made by artists through booking goes straight into their pocket. We're referring to this facet of MUse as "bookings." So while all of the photoshoots are completely ambiguous, you can take the shoot in whatever direction you want."

And this direction of action has proven to be successful for MUse. If a sorority has a social coming up they have the opportunity to reach out to MUse, and ask for makeup artists. A MUse artist was recently contacted by a t-shirt company started by a Miami student, and another was contacted to make a sorority's Bid Day video.

MUse is the up and coming organization on Miami University's campus and is paving the way for artists to grow and express their creative visions with the world. MUse is a creative talent management organization that represents visual artists, and representation with MUse presents these artists with networking and portfolio building opportunities, personal brand consulting, professional bookings, and even social events. Be sure to check out their Instagram as well as their website for more information.

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