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Padded Headbands have Seized the Moment

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

By Sophia Blasi

Padded headbands are now back and better than ever before. Are you wanting to channel your inner Blair Waldorf? Or your deep Gossip Girl obsession. Then now is definitely your time to shine. They are showing up in so many different styles such as a lustrous simple satin or more edgy looks with a dark leather basing and studs or pearls. They are really promoting a big statement these days. The best part is that they’re not only being worn as just a preppy style but you can let your imagination and creativity roam free. There are zero limitations.

OLIVIA WILSON / UP Photographer

I recently styled this shoot and the main theme was padded headbands and I think it was such statement of feminism & power and it portrayed a heavy representation of unity.

OLIVIA WILSON / UP Photographer

Are you ready to buy your very own headband and show the world your new favorite trend??

Click the link and shop direct links to some of my favorite padded headband options!

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