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Red Carpet Review: Grammy Awards 2024

By Marissa Rotolo

Every year the Grammy’s bring a new set of pop culture references: bold fashion choices, red carpet moments, performances and so much more. This year was no exception. With record breaking wins by Taylor Swift, first-time wins by Miley Cyrus and a controversial speech given by Jay-Z, I asked our UP Instagram followers via story polls to vote on some of the fashion looks to see where our viewers' opinions were. 

Olivia Rodrigo 

UP Magazine Instagram Story / @upmagazinemu

Olivia Rodrigo ran the red carpet in a vintage Versace gown. Sixty-six percent of voters also agreed that Rodrigo looked elegant in this gown. Her hair had elements of old Hollywood glamour, and her lip elevated this already glimmering look. Her hair and makeup worked together to create a cohesive look. The straps are a hint at Rodrigo’s grunge aesthetic while still maintaining a red carpet appropriate look. 

Ice Spice

UP Magazine Instagram Story / @upmagazinemu

Ice Spice stunted in this denim, Y2K-esque two-piece set by Baby Phat. This look was not rated well among voters. This look falls flat because combining two such different styles (ballroom gowns and fur/denim), seem to clash instead of complimenting each other. Instead of giving off Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake iconic, it is giving off tacky. 

Jon Batiste

UP Magazine Instagram Story / @upmagazinemu

John Batiste wore custom Atelier Versace with Vacheron Constantin watch. Viewers were also not too pleased with this look. The jacket is not tragic, but mixed with the skirt, it creates an unflattering silhouette. 

Sofia Richie Grainge and Elliot Grainge

UP Magazine Instagram Story / @upmagazinemu

Though simple, this look encapsulated Sofia Richie’s entire brand. In Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello, she was clean, sleek and timeless. Voters were split on this look but leaned toward the consensus that Richie looked chic and classy. In this look, she let her baby bump do the talking. Her husband, Ellliot, matched with a black suit and yellow glasses. Their look showed a united front and did so little, but ended up saying so much. 

Billie Eilish

UP Magazine Instagram Story / @upmagazinemu

Billie Eilish wore a look by Chrome Hearts. This look was voted as not her best, and I get it. Eilish is known for wearing pieces that create baggier silhouettes and more masculine accessories. This look did all those things but looked less cohesive. The jacket with the logo made the look appear to be more suited for daytime and not a red carpet event. 

Miley Cyrus

UP Magazine Instagram Story / @upmagazinemu

Miley Cyrus wore a look inspired by Tina Turner. She wore custom Maison Margiela. This gold look had viewers torn, with 51% voting ‘beautiful’ and 49% voting ‘I’m confused.’ This look was the epitome of Cyrus: elegant but also unconventional. Her looks never fail to make heads turn and get people talking. 


UP Magazine Instagram Story / @upmagazinemu

Boygenius wore Thom Browne. Their carnations were supposed to represent the end of their time together musically. Sixty percent of viewers rated this look ‘just okay.’ This looked like they were trying to lean into their masculine name and be cohesive as a group. The idea was there, but the execution needed work. 

Ed Sheeran

UP Magazine Instagram Story / @upmagazinemu

In a cool Stella McCartney set, Ed Sheeran had viewers almost completely confused. This look was not overall satisfying. 


UP Magazine Instagram Story / @upmagazinemu

Tyla wore head-to-toe Swarovski in a look that is reminiscent of that J-Lo Versace look. This green look flatters her so well, and stands out among other stars on the carpet. Tyla won her first Grammy for Best African Music Performance and looked stunning while doing it. 

Taylor Swift

UP Magazine Instagram Story / @upmagazinemu

Taylor Swift wore Maison Schiaparelli. There are a multitude of reasons why this look fell flat; I will start with her hair. Her swoop bang aged her and clashed with the dramatic eye makeup and red lip. The side of the hair was distracting and flat. The necklaces were too loud; however fans believe this was an ode to Clara Bow, a starlet who Swift is writing a song about on her new album. The clock choker was an ode to her Midnights album and a possible “easter egg,” which Swifties call her hints to projects. Her peep toe shoes were out of style, opting for a pointed toe might have complimented the look better. Additionally, the gloves with no jewelry paired made the gloves feel unnecessary. Overall, there was a lot going on in this look, but none of it was working together. 

Awards show season is always a fun time to watch celebrities create looks that reflect their work. As always, going through these looks is all lighthearted.    

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