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Sunny Days Are for Sunglasses

By Charlotte Hudson

It is beginning to feel like summer again during the last few weeks of the semester, and the best way to take advantage of the weather is to be outside! Whether you are using them to protect your eyes from the sun or accessorizing an outfit while out and about, sunglasses are the perfect addition to your everyday essentials this season. Read on to find out two personal favorite sunglasses styles of the year.

Remodeled Aviators

While the aviator style sunglasses have been a classic for decades, this year, they have been given a remodel. Urban Outfitters released an affordable take on the aviator style called the Patrizia Plastic Aviators. They’re a lightweight, multi-colored, fully UV protected pair of sunglasses. I recently bought these and I have been obsessed; they frame my face so well and accessorize even my most casual outfits to the next level. For more of a designer look, the Australian brand Quay has a similar structured pair of sunglasses, called On the Fly, but they offer an option for polarized lenses as well. While these are priced higher than the Urban Outfitters pair, these are just as fashionable.


Square-framed sunglasses are a unique style that are a great accessory for a modern style. These glasses have been trending recently and seem to be a sunglasses style that we will be seeing for a while. A popular brand that has offered this style is Free People with their Alden Polarized Sunglasses. Wear the glasses in black for a classy, timeless look, or try the seaglass tortoise shell frames for a fun and bright style.

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