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The Red Carpet of Music Festivals– Coachella

By Maya Serrano

It’s that time of year again, Coachella. Coachella is a multiple-day music and arts festival held in California, and it is notorious for the bohemian rockstar outfits that are worn on and off the stage. However, in recent years, some Coachella-goers have dialed down their intensity and have been dressing more casually for the event. But, just because some are more low-key, does not mean that there aren’t people who miss the mark. Here are my top five outfits that we saw at Coachella on and off the stage in 2023!

  • Teyana Taylor

This is my personal favorite outfit because she stayed true to her own personal style with the puffy cargos but really captured what Coachella was all about with the flower chainmail top and the brown leather! This was such a clean and well-put-together outfit, especially with the added jewelry!

  • Elisha and Renee Herbert

I LOVE these outfits! The Herberts really embodied the artistic and free spirit vibes of Coachella while staying attuned to modern-day trends. For example, Renee has a flower choker that we expect to see a lot of this summer, and Elisha is working on the sheer and statement necklace that has also been a big item this year.

  • Madison Bailey

Madison Bailey not only stole my heart in Outerbanks but she dropped my jaw at Coachella! What I appreciate the most about this outfit is that a lot of us can replicate this outfit at home! She has a few staple pieces- suede cowgirl boots, a lace knit top, and some cool sunglasses- and boom, she's at Coachella

  • Alessandra Ambrosio

This is one of my top outfits for Coachella because of the PANTS. Everything about them embodies the bohemian cowboy vibe that is screamed at Coachella. These were such statement pieces and that is what brought her to my top five.

  • Noah Beck

Noah Beck has been stepping up his fashion game completely recently and this Coachella outfit is proof. I feel like cis men usually have a hard time dressing so that they feel comfortable and meeting the theme of Coachella, but Noah Beck did just that.The applique’s on his vest add a touch of Western to the look, and the sandy and neutral browns meet the theme but also stay true to his brand. Noah Beck took a spin on his own style to make it for Coachella which is why he is in my top five.

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