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UPinion: Jenna Palek’s “Fun on Weekdays” Podcast

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

By Anaka Bretzke

Image Courtesy @funonweekdayspodcast on Instagram

At 24 years old, Jenna Palek is a force to be reckoned with: a TikTok guru, influencer and now host of her very own podcast, “Fun on Weekdays.”

Since Palek graduated from Kent State University with a degree in Fashion Merchandising in May 2020, she's moved to Austin, Texas and until recently, worked her dream job as a Brand Development Manager at TikTok. After kick-starting her podcast this past July, she quickly gained so many listeners that she was able to quit her day-job at TikTok to focus on her podcast full-time.

The podcast’s central focus is, like the title suggests, how to have more fun on weekdays, not just on the weekends. In each episode, she offers advice, personal experiences, inspiration and recommendations of fun activities to try on weekdays.

Occasionally, she invites a guest to talk on her podcast alongside her. Some relevant influencer names that have joined her for an episode include Zachary Reality, Danielle Carolan and Connor Saeli.

In the first episode, Palek divulges on her college experience at Kent, sorority life, interning for Sherri Hill and LoveShackFancy, going viral on TikTok and her job at TikTok. As she basically tells her audience her whole life story, it’s hard not to get hooked. Palek is relatable and it's easy for a listener to see themselves in her through the way she talks. As you listen, you want to be her best friend. Not to mention her go-getter attitude is most definitely contagious.

So far, Palek has released 13 episodes for her podcast with more on the way for the foreseeable future.

Palek wants to build her brand of “Fun on Weekdays” through hosting events for those who just moved to a new city and want to get to know other people. So far, she’s hosted one of these events in Austin, Texas, and plans to host more of these events in the future.

Relatable, fun, comforting, inspiring and extremely entertaining, “Fun on Weekdays” podcast is like having a conversation with your closest friends and catching up on the latest gossip. Listen to it on the car ride home, while you’re typing away on your English paper or even before bed. Perfect for any college student or recent college graduate, make sure to tune in to this podcast on Spotify, Apple or Youtube to see how you can have more fun on weekdays!

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