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What's Trending From Copenhagen Fashion Week?

By Maya Svec

There is no better showcase of Scandinavian style than Copenhagen Fashion Week (CPHFW). Known for its blend of minimalist sophistication and pop of color, the “Scandi girl” style is an aesthetic of extreme contrasts. From an exaggerated puff-sleeve blouse, to a sleek oversized blazer, Scandinavians tend to accentuate and amplify. 

The five-day event, held at the end of January, not only spotlights new designers but has a focus on sustainability and eco-conscious fashion practices. In this post, we will reflect on some of the most notable trends that emerged at CPHFW. 


Nordics love a good knit, but not just for warmth or hitting the slopes. Knitwear has served an important role in Nordic countries for decades, embodying tradition, craftsmanship and heritage. At CPHFW, knits took center stage once again, with designers taking traditional patterns and styles to new levels. From oversized cable-knit sweaters, to colorful onesies, the versatility of knits were on full display. 


The waist was a new focus at CPHFW. Designers experimented with both high and low waist placements to create dynamic silhouettes. High-waisted trousers elongated the legs, while statement belts hung low.

The key to mastering the “grandpa” look lies in its effortless combination of comfort and sophistication. A pair of relaxed-fit trousers, or an oversized trench coat are some key pieces for this look. Layering and accessorizing are also essential. Whether it is a knit cardigan over a button-down, or a retro pair of glasses, it is the details that matter.


Jeans will forever remain a wardrobe classic, but in Copenhagen, they became statements. Denim underwent a Scandi-inspired transformation on the runway, turning into intricate, unconventional pieces. Brands like Ganni and Helmstedt showcased denim sets that were printed with vibrant colors and abstract patterns. 

"Mob Wife" Mentality

Given the current “mob wife aesthetic” trending on social media platforms, it was no surprise that leather and fur made its way to the runway. Local designers like Nicklas Skovgaard fully embraced the drama and luxury associated with this style, with extravagant coats and teased up hair. 

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