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What We're Wearing in 2023

By Taylor Shockley

Photography by Tia Benson, Styling by Nicole Gonzalez

The new year not only brings in new beginnings, but it also brings more amazing styles and trends to look forward to. Let's take a dive into what the fashion industry has in store for us this year.

In 2023, we are expected to see a lot of mid-tones in fashion. Fashion Snoops forecast colors are tones of blue, green and brown, as shown below. These colors will be seen all over this spring and summer.

Typically these colors would be seen more often in fall, but as for the colder months, you can expect to see your typical colors, brown, cream and grey. You also might see some muted reds and pinks.

Heading into this new year, we are going to be seeing some new trends as well as some old ones stick around. You can count on the clean girl aesthetic staying; blazers, minimalist style and the classic slicked-back ponies are here to stay for the year. However, there are also some new emerging trends such as sheer layering. It dominated the runway this season, so expect to see it in dresses as well as tops.

We are also going to see more advances in gender-fluid fashion. With consumer attitudes changing around gender identity and expression, we can count on our fashion brands putting in the effort to redesign products, as well as their marketing and even shopping experiences.

Additionally, we will see a twist on our beloved cargo pants. In the new year expect to see more of a statement cargo. This could be cargo with a striking design or made out of different materials.

And lastly, we are going to see a rise in maxi skirts. This could be anywhere from a denim maxi skirt or just your classic silk skirt. This style of skirt follows the “long and lean” silhouette consumers have been trying to achieve the past couple of seasons.

As always, be true to your own style and what you feel confident and comfortable in. Yet don't be afraid to try out some of these new styles, silhouettes and designs this year!

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