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Where to Find the Trendiest Corset Tops for Fall

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

By Anaka Bretzke

Shopaholics rejoice; trends for fall 2021 are here! Many of your favorite influencers will be rocking fun statement sweaters, wide-leg trousers, leather ensembles and button down shirts all season long.

However, one trend in particular seems to be blowing up everyone’s TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest feeds: the corset top. Whether it be fashioned with lace, tulle fabrics or leather, the corset top is a must-have fall staple for your closet.

Here’s where to find some of the trendiest (and more affordable) corset tops that are not only worth adding to your cart but will get you all the compliments.

Zara has been killing it with their on-trend items recently and corset tops are no exception. With brown being one of the major color trends for fall, this tulle corset top is sure to be worn on many occasions, even into the winter season.

It would be very surprising if you haven’t seen this Urban Outfitters corset all over social media the past few weeks. This blew up almost overnight and is currently sold out in every color. The perfect combination of mesh and lace, this corset would be perfect paired with a leather blazer or a plaid shacket. Be on the lookout for when these restock!

This beautiful sage-green corset top is ideal for anyone going for a more fancy or classic look for fall. The lace-up, midriff corset matched with an elegant puff sleeve makes for the ultimate statement.

Leather and corset tops: the perfect pair for fall! Styling seamlessly with black jeans or leather pants, this top is bound to get people asking: “Where did you get that?”

Free People

For a more feminine look, this corset from Free People will be a staple in your closet for years to come. The ruched, polka-dot tulle, plus the floral detailing, plus the sweetheart neckline is a recipe for perfection. Pair this top with a skirt, jeans or trousers and you can’t go wrong!

With orange and pink trending right now, this retro-patterned corset is sure to spice up your fall wardrobe. The satin-like fabric would pair perfectly with any style denim.

Any color, style or fabric, any of these corset tops will be a perfect fit for your fall wardrobe!

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