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Women's Fashion Trends that are Now Adrogynous

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

By Ayden Wacker

ANTHONY PHAM / @harrystyles and @anthonypham on Instagram

Current fashion trends are moving at the speed of light, especially in the world of women's fashion. This results in men trailing behind, leaving them to test the boundaries with their style choices. This desire to push the limits is evident in the rising trend of men pulling off accessories that would have been considered only for women years ago. Some of these being tote bags, pearls and even blouses.

Tote Bags

Prior to the past few years, tote bags have been a staple for women’s spring/summer aesthetic. Fulfilling the purpose of a purse, while also being light and artistic at the same time. However, as of recently tote bags have taken a huge turn in the world of men’s fashion, with stars such as Euphoria cast member Jacob Elordi using them as a statement piece in his outfits. In an interview with GQ, Elordi said, “I have too many tote bags.” They are an essential in many guys' wardrobes. Because of this recent demand, there has been a rise in the price of these canvas totes. A bag that was once a few dollars can now be anywhere from $20 to $50.


Pearls have become a significant member of the adrogynous clothing category in the past few years. Men such as rapper A$AP Rocky has helped eliminate the stigma against them that they are solely for women to show off. They go with just about anything and have been proven to be a viable, modish option for all genders.


Out of the three, blouses are by far the biggest statement piece; and there's no one better to pull them off than the man who started it all. After Harry Styles' infamous photoshoot with Vogue where he made a huge statement by pulling off a dress, the trend of men utilizing women’s clothing took off . Styles kept it going by pulling off even more stylish pieces such as this black blouse that he wore at the Met Gala. Blouses are for sure a more risky piece, but are slowly being embraced more and more by males.

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