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Archived Fashion

By Marissa Rotolo

Fashion is ever-changing. Looking back into the archives is a reminder that we are constantly inspired by our past. Let us explore a few archived looks and talk about the artistry behind each line. 

Ralph Lauren’s 2005 line was inspired by formal and polished looks of the ’30s, specifically pulling inspiration from Manhattan and Hollywood. The looks seemed to be reminiscent of Daisy Buchanan from “The Great Gatsby,” while still pulling modern elements. This line featured metallics and gleaming fabrics–playing around with fabric as a means of movement. The light pastels mixed with vintage feel combined fun and elegance in perfect tandem, all while still holding true to the brand’s roots. 

Jean Paul Gaultier never shies away from taking risks. His spring/summer 2001 line is filled with motifs of skulls, bats and flames. In this showcase, JPG combined unconventional fabrics and patterns. This line was adorned with biker jackets paired with florals, disproportionate pieces and a more jagged approach to women’s fashion. The mix of feminine undertones with masculine, somewhat abrasive overtones, was met with apprehension.

When Christian Dior brought John Galliano on board, he

delivered. Galliano brought the public into Paris's Opera Garnier. In this lavish setting, he put on a show to match. The muse of this line was Luisa Marchesa Casati: a famous Italian socialite known for her eccentric style. The clothes were grand and fit for a masquerade ball. This line was saturated with over dramatic silhouettes, incredible attention to detail and purpose. The show concluded with a confetti of pastel butterflies. It was described by Vogue as “pure magic.” 

Combining his values of freedom and luxury, Elie Saab found genius in creating a line that highlighted feminine qualities like florals and silks juxtaposed with plunging necklines, backless gowns and lots of leg. The two elements create discourse in an early 2000s world and invited women to explore a more edgy side of themselves. These pieces are not only beautiful, but also daring. 

The richness of 90’s fashion was exceptionally prevalent in the Chanel 1994 spring/summer line. The frivolous nature of Karl Lagerfeld shined in this show and models circled a grand Chanel carousel around the runway. This line marked Chanel in a new age and encompassed all the components that Lagerfeld could bring to the fashion world. The looks were classically Chanel, yet in a ’90s world. 

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